Monday, 28 November 2016

Not this again!

Today's Independent reports on a secret memo suggesting the UK is unlikely to stay in the single market.  I know this blog isn't terribly successful but it's hardly a secret.  I don't write memos, either. Ah, no, solipsism got the better of me there. This is most embarrassing.  Hmm, apart from my inflated self-regard what's going on?  It turns out that somebody in the UK Government has worked out what we all figured out for ourselves some weeks or months ago.

I don't get it, I really don't.  It's obvious that the UK is leaving the single market.  In fact, it's as obvious as the enormous pile of dishes in my kitchen.   As a matter of definition, the Great Repeal Bill means that the UK will
  •  diverge from the EU directives that describe the operation of the single market.
  •  no longer be accountable to European courts and institutions that oversee the implementation of the directives.
  • cease to be bound by crucial EU regulations passed by the European Parliament.
 If we don't formally leave the EEA we will just be unceremoniously kicked out. Unlike my pile of dishes, this should be all over the newspapers.  Oh well, I suppose the "journalist" at The Independent did their best and it was still better than any of the others.

Over and out,


PS I've been away on holiday for the last week.  Fear not, normal blogging will resume shortly.

PPS Attacking that pile of dishes right now.  I keep a tidy kitchen, you know.


  1. Soooo.... Some questions. Let's get the domestics out of the way first.

    1. How many holidays do you get in Switzerland?

    2. How come if you've been away that you have a pile of dirty dishes?

    3. Isn't that illegal in Switzerland?

    4. Why is it that they can't see that if they don't accept any of the responsibilities of the single market, they can't have any of the benefits? Are they all as thick as Foxy, or is it just an act?

    5. And this isn't a question...In all your future deliberations and prognostications, you might want to take into consideration the fact that Mrs May is trusting in God to get us out of this horrific mess. (Selon une interview dans le Sunday Times.) This might be more comforting if she hadn't gone on to say that it was keeping her awake at night. So, she doesn't have much faith that even God can get her out of this one.

    A propos of nothing much, you may or may not also be interested to know that in the same interview she apparently disclosed that her husband does her shopping for fashion accessories, which might explain some of the bizarre things she wears (like the chain necklace and weird dress).

    If you've just had a meal, I apologise. I'm sure you'll be feeling better shortly.

    1. 1. 25 days plus 11 public holidays. Not too bad.
      2. Is the pile big or the kitchen small?
      3. Vacuuming on a Sunday isn't allowed in my building but dirty dishes are still only a social taboo.
      4. I'm tending towards ignorance at political level. It's hard to understand the political advantage of misleading the public indefinitely.
      5. I'd never knock anyone's faith but it's hard to see what kind of spiritual guidance could be applied to "Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/539 of 6 April 2016 amending Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 as regards pilot training, testing and periodic checking for performance-based navigation". This is not an ecumenical matter!

      That is an awesome necklace, like something from Xena Warrior Princess. I'm sort of glad that she isn't dressed by a stylist because we would never expect that of a male PM. If it frees up time for swotting up on the EU, I'm all for it. If her necklace dazzles Guy Verhofstadt into confusion then it's definitely a winner.

    2. I suspect it would take more than an S&M necklace to befuddle Guy Verhofstadt. The low cut nature of some of her costumes may, or may not (if you pardon the pun) have some effect though!


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