Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Just Say No

I have been away on holiday in Copenhagen for the last week. A wonderful time was had by all.  To add to the awesomeness of having time off work I took the train the whole way there and stopped off for a couple of nights in Hamburg.  I can't recommend either city highly enough, especially if you like watching container ships and fishing boats coming in and out of harbours and docks.  That is exactly the sort of thing I like.  I also like stuffing my face with delicious Danish pastries and German beer so it was a truly excellent time. 

During a wander through Hamburg I saw this kind of poster everywhere. They were really hard to miss. 

Is this the future of protest in the UK?  Will there be energetic protest groups taking to the streets to campaign against all the trade deals that David Davis would like to sign?   It is quite amazing that every time he says he will sign a trade deal it is reported almost without controversy.  The only doubt is whether they can be signed at all or how quickly they can be negotiated.  The idea itself is never thought of as divisive or troubling. If  I've learned one thing since I started this blog it's that trade deals are nothing but controversial and will be most controversial to those who already thought the EU was a hindrance to their well-being.

Just by way of catching up after a break, there was a twitter spat between Douglas Carswell and a scientist called Paul Nightingale, who works at Sussex University’s Science Policy Research Unit.  Where I used amateur dramatics to sum up the folly of abandoning European trade, Paul Nightingale invoked Newton's laws.  I like his style.

Douglas Carswell then responded with the bizarre claim that the moon was not responsible for tidal motion.

We live in strange and sometimes frightening times.  Can I be confident that David Davis and Liam Fox understand forces or exchange rates or even the concept of numbers?

Over and out,

PS Next post is about freedom of movement of labour and trade deals.  I know, I know, it is like waiting for Christmas.

PPS I also saw graffiti in Hamburg in support of jailed erstwhile members of the Red Army Faction.  I'm sure I took a photo but can't find it. Anyway, a blast of history right there.


  1. I think you can be relatively confident that neither of them knows much about anything.

    At least my advice would be to work on that basis and don't prepare to be surprised.

    1. I'm coming to that conclusion as well. Knowledge of the wheels of politics is knowledge at the expense of all other knowledge.

      There are some psychological studies that show people with the most self confidence for a task or topic have the least ability at it. Liam Fox and Douglas Carswell are perfect examples of the phenomenon.


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