Friday, 1 July 2016

Do you remember the first time...

... your country voted itself out of the EU.  I do.  It was on 24th June, 2016.  If you are a young person reading this in 2049, write this date down and memorise it for your history exam.  It was a historic event.  Britain voted itself outself of Europe.  Meanwhile, Drake enjoyed a  well-deserved spell at Nr 1 in something called the hit parade with a song called "One Dance".  I'd leave that detail our of your essay.  It's probably not important in the scheme of things, unless post-modernism has replaced the EU.

As I write this, one week has passed since the result was announced and I still have no idea what any of it means.  (Young people of 2049 - I refer here and in what follows to the EU referendum result, not to the chart position of Drake in the hit parade).  I don't think anyone actually knows what is going on.  Events are just moving too fast to properly process.  I still remember how I felt, though, when I learned the result:  fear and despair.  That is what I really felt.  As I felt those emotions I also felt surprised that I was experiencing them.  And then I felt a bit foolish because it's not as though I'm in a vulnerable position where I'm seeking asylum or fleeing persecution or expect to be unjustly imprisoned. Anyway, that is what I felt. I've said it now.  It's out there on the internet.  For 3 people to read after they mistakenly clicked here during a search for the French-English translation of "entoure".  You won't find it here Madame so please refine your search query and return to google.

For anyone still reading: Guten Tag, my name is Terry, and I'm going to blog about the consequences of the Brexit vote for UK nationals living and working in Europe.   I'm Scottish.  This might turn out to feature heavily in subsequent posts.  Then again, it might not.  Time will tell.  I live in Switzerland so I'm kind of double-whammied by the Brexit referendum result and the Masseinwanderungsinitiative of February, 2014.   These details may be helpful or a hindrance to my future.  In the current confusion, I really don't know the effect of anything on anything any more.  Anyway, you might find future posts interesting if you find yourself in a similar situation. 

I'm not really a political blogger and have no particular insight into the world of politics.  I just aim to find out how I'm affected by the unfolding of events post-Brexit and share it.  In the absence of hard facts, I will wildly speculate.  In the absence of anything at all to say, I might just blog about my emotional state.   So far, I've revealed that I've felt fear, despair, surprise and foolishness. This offers no measurable advantage but if anyone felt the same it may offer a tangible one.

What have I learned so far?  I bloody hate referenda.

Over and out,


My next post will probably be about how I wrote a letter to my MP.  Bet you can't wait. 

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