Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ostrich Churchyard

Is the UK going to leave the EU?  Despite a referendum on the topic, the fall of a Prime Minister, and the installation of a pro-Leave cabinet, there is still a lot of chat about whether it will happen at all.  There have been dozens of front page articles on this topic written by "journalists".  My two posts on this topic are conclusive and definitive, surely, and why-oh-why have they not stopped all of this nonsense in its tracks?  Hah, I have fallen foul of blogger arrogance and I'm only 20 posts in.  I will be completely insufferable should I ever reach 100.  Somebody stop me.

It's time for a pop video with a semi-appropriate song title to get us in the mood for a mercifully short article about recent developments in the UK's press.

Here is today's article pondering whether the UK will ever leave the EU.   Add to that some recent chit-chat from Michael Heseltine,  some from Patience Wheatcroft (in the House of Lords, apparently), some by "journalists" and some from bloggers I hold in high regard.  Most recently, an eminent historian added to the mix. The story of the UK not exiting the EU simply refuses to die.  There has been so much of this and it appears to be so resilient I am starting to wonder if I am in the wrong.  I just need 80 more posts to hit the magic 100 and that kind of self-doubt will be consigned to the bin of history. 

The trajectory of blogger self-doubt.
What could prevent the UK from leaving the EU?  I can understand a short delay before triggering Article 50 but I'm interested in something that could take us at least 1 year into the next Parliament, so around 2021.  I'm open to all ideas. Right now, I can only think of inter-galactic warfare and some kind of evolutionary shift event giving rise to a new type of human like those in "The Midwich Cuckoos".  Oh, and don't forget the societal impact of those sex robots.  They're just around the corner.

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PS Some more blogs brewing to big-up EU membership.  Wowzer, what a tease.

PPS While I'm on the topic of the UK's press, has anyone read this? What the actual potato is she going on about?  First class clowning around, if you ask me.


  1. 1. She's a loonie. I tried to read it but it's such **** that I can't.

    2. I wonder if the Tories will implode or explode if there is not a full brexit.

    3. I listened this morning to some ex civil servant saying that they didn't have enough people to do brexit properly. It makes you wonder why they went into a referendum where there was always a reasonable possibility that the outcome would be brexit without having prepared ANYTHING. Was it the arrogance of a set of Eton boys who never lose, who have never lost, at anything ever in their lives? Did they forget that there were some Eton boys on the other side, equally assured of success, because it belongs to them as of right?

    And lastly:

    4. When are the robots coming?

  2. The article by Suzanne Moore is one of the worst pieces I've read in the Guardian for some time. I don't know how journalism works but I can't imagine more than 10 minutes passed between commissioning it, writing it, editing it and publishing it.

    The funny thing about the Conservative party is that they are relatively good at moving on from a crisis. Given the state of the opposition I'm not even sure that a civil war within the party would diminish their electoral chances.

    I am a little worried about the pressure to complete Brexit. The obvious lack of preparedness coupled with something approaching a mob mentality to leave the EU is not a good combination. I'm also a little worried about the lack of a timetable to trigger Article 50. Statements from cabinet ministers have shifted from the end of 2016, to early 2017, to spring 2017. Now there is concern that 2017 is a bad year due to a number of key national elections around Europe. Then there are legal challenges to force a parliamentary vote on it. This is getting messier with each passing day. It's turning into delaying a trip to the dentist with a sore tooth.

    Safety inspections to be carried out by Lorena Bobbitt. What can go wrong?

    1. I think the main problem with putting it off and putting it off is the uncertainly it causes for so many people and businesses. How can they plan the car production if they don't know if they will be in the EU or not, or if they will be paying massive charges to export to Belgium...

      In the meantime I doubt if the UK will carry much in the way of the much vaunted "British clout". Who cares what the Brits think; when they get themselves together they will be gone.... when...when...oh, when...

      Never mind all this health and safety nonsense. Let's just get them delivered.


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