Monday, 25 July 2016

It's going to happen

If you are a UK worker taking advantage of the many opportunities in the EU you are probably concerned about your future.  If you're like me then you are probably biased towards news items that point to a rosy future where Brexit simply doesn't happen.  You probably read all about this way back in the immediate aftermath of the referendum result.  For example, here, here and here.   Maybe you read about it here, here, or here.   Maybe you even thought Barack Obama said it won't happen.  The best that can be said about these articles is that they gave us all some hope.  Surely we all know Brexit is going to happen in some form or other?  Yes, I just linked to my own inexpert opinion on the topic.  Why not?  Having read all of the linked articles (and many, many others with an even slimmer grip on reality) I think I am at least as well informed as any "journalist".  Brexit is going to happen.  Remember only this:  if Brexit isn't going to happen then why were Boris JohnsonDavid Davis and Liam Fox promoted to the government?  These individuals are either divisive, unpopular or plagued by serious scandal that their advisors are working for a foreign power. Their only positive in the current climate is that they have the political motivation to make Brexit happen.

Fast forward a month in time and these articles are still appearing at a steady pace.   Here is one.  Here is another.  A not-clever twist on the theme is that the Brexit process will start but that it will be completely reversed before being fully implemented.   Maybe you read stories claiming Nicola Sturgeon thinks she has a veto on Brexit.  There are even stories doing the rounds presenting a world where Brexit does happen but that there will be no material change whatsoever.  Who is writing these articles? Friends often claim that I live in a bubble world constructed entirely of reality repellant but it turns out that "journalists" have constructed bigger and better bubbles than I ever managed, despite all of my best efforts.  Anyone know their secret?  Is it something you learn at "journalism" college?
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